Astec Alarm Systems

Do you have an Astec Alarm System?

During the boom a lot of these Astec Alarm systems were installed in Kildare and surrounding areas………………


Astec Alarm Panel








These were a 2 wire Astec alarm system. When they were installed properly and worked they were a great system but when they started to have problems thats when they can be a nightmare of a system.

We can repair most faults on these systems. Most of the time its just the back up 12 volt 2.1 amp battery that just needs to be changed.

12 volt 2.1 amp Battery

The big problem is in changing these batteries. Unless you have experience in changing these our advice would be Do NOT Attempt to do this yourself. Why?…..Because you have to unscrew the circut board and you could blow it making a simple battery change turn into a complete new system.

One of the biggest problems we have now is that Astec Alarm systems are no longer being manufactured. We can not get spare parts like the bellbox, Keypad and Main Panel any more butparts like sensors, contacts and batteries can be replaced.

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