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Do you use a GSM back up for your Intruder alarm system where Hi Security is required?

Some security companies in Ireland install these systems for customers. They use the already over congested Mobile Phone networks to transmit alarm signals to the monitoring station if your landline is cut.

Do you know that these GSM Backup units can be blocked?

Criminals are getting smarter too and are using GSM Blockers to block the mobile phone networks renderring your GSM back up unit useless. They place these GSM blockers beside your premises and turn them on. They then cut the phone lines. The monitoring station will not know somebody cut the phone line or is breaking in as the alarm signals are blocked and can not be sent over the mobile phone network.

Whats the solution?

For all our Hi Security sites we use…….


Radio transmitters have been around for years. The can not be blocked. They are 100% secure and reliable. When the criminal comes and turns on their GSM Blocker and cuts the phone line the Radio will send in a phone line cut report to the monitoring station within a few seconds. Because you can not block the Radio digital communicator it will also send in any alarm events. The Gardai will be dispatched straight away.

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