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Fog Bandit Kildare is the obvious choice for securing your property in Kildare with Security Fogging, Now available from Safewatch Security Systems.

Watch this video to see our Fob Bandit in action !

Why would you need our Fog Bandit Kildare Security Fogging solution?

Today’s criminal fraternity confidently and effectively utilise your keyholders response time as their ‘window of opportunity’ to perpetrate their crimes and get clean away.

High Speed Security Fogging is immediately activated on entry and quickly closes this window of opportunity – what they can’t see, they can’t steal!

Fog Bandit releases a huge plume of fog protecting an entire room in seconds.

Fog Bandit Kildare is so much more powerful than other fogging systems – and this is the most critical element in any fogging system. Watch the video below of an attempted break in that was foiled by a fog bandit system.

Fog Bandit is up to 10 times faster than other Security Fogging systems, and speed is essential in closing the ‘window of opportunity’ and disorienteering the intruders.

Our solution produces up to 4 times denser fog than our rival systems, obviously meaning that intruders can see fare less. Remember, what they can’t see, they can’t steal. This is why our customers use our Fog Bandit Security Fogging solution.

Suitable for Jewelers shops, Forcourts, Garages, Mobile Phone Shops,and many other sites. Contact us to find out if our Fog Bandit Kildare solution will help protect your business.

Fog bandit

As you can see from this chart, if a room is filled with fog to a density of eye-to-object visibility of 30 cm in 4 seconds, there is a 3% Risk of Loss. This risk increases to 9% if the density allows visibility of 1 metre.

But if a system takes 19 seconds to fill the target area to a density of 1 metre, the risk is over 50%. So you can see why both speed and density are so important when deciding on Security Fogging. This is why Fog Bandit really is the best choice in Security Fogging.

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