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Safewatch Security Systems supply and install the complete range of Hikvision IP CCTV Camera Systems across Kildare, Carlow and surrounding areas. 

Why use HD CCTV Cameras? HD CCTV or IP CCTV security cameras provide you with up to 8 times better image quality than a traditional CCTV camera. Now you can clearly identify what you are looking at.

Can these HD CCTV Security Cameras see at night time?

Yes absolutely ! Our range of HD CCTV cameras have built in Infra Red light that can be seen by the camera making the night time image much better. 

How long will the CCTV Camera's record for?

Up to one month's of CCTV images can be recorded onto a single hard disk. 

Will these HD CCTV cameras capture Car Registration numbers?

Well yes and no ! During the daytime they can capture clear images of car registrations but unfortunately not at night time due to the reflective nature of  registration number plates. 

So whats the CCTV Camera options then to capture car registration plates at night time?

Use our purpose designed LPR Licence Plate Capture camera with our HD CCTV recorders.

Licence Plate Capture Cameras (LPR) can capture Car Registration plates both during the daytime and at night time and store this licence plate information on the CCTV recorder. You can then search for the car registration easily and play back the video fottage.

You can also make a white list of car registrations that are allowed into an area and a black list of cars that should not be in an area.

With this information, you can get the CCTV recorder to email you an alarm event in case a car registration that is on this blacklist is detected

Can you get a car park barrier to open with this LPR Licence Plate Camera?

With the whitelist database, Any car that is on this whitelist will be detected and the car park barrier will automatically open. This can save on having to get out of the car to use a FOB or having to ring the intercom everytime to gain access. 

We have a solution for all your CCTV camera requirements. Contact us now on 059 9145931 for more information or use our contact us form below. 

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