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Do you have employees that work alone?

How would you know if they fell and hurt themselves or if they were attacked?

Now you can with our new product….. The Oysta Pearl Plus Loan Worker Protection Device.

How can this device help you?

The Oysta Pearl Plus device available from Safewatch Security Systems has the following features:

1. It has a built in Panic Button facility that will work anywhere there is a GSM Mobile signal. Instantly be connected with one of our monitoring station staff who can alert the relevant authorities and give them your GPS location and details of what is going on. This feature can reassure your employee that there is always somebody there to make sure they are safe.

2. It has a “weightlessness” switch built in that can detect if your employee has fallen. Once activated this alarm can be cancelled within 3 seconds or it will contact the monitoring station with your GPS location, who can then speak to your employee to make sure they are OK and if not they will dispatch the relevant keyholders.

3. It can be set up to do “welfare” checks. This is very handy for employees working at night time on there own where the Oysta Pearl Plus unit will activate an alarm every 30 mins or hour that must be cancelled by the employee or else an alarm will be sent to our monitoring station who will then phone the device to make sure the employee is ok.

These are just some of the great features on this Oysta Pearl Plus device. It will cover you for your health and safety requirements in relation to employees working alone.

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